The Situation

Our global pharmaceutical client customer was facing a significant drop in market share following the loss of exclusivity (LoE) of several major drugs.  Much of that loss occurred at the pharmacy level, driven by the deep price discounts and aggressive sales tactics employed by their generic drug rivals.

Despite the fact that most patients will pay a premium for brand-name products, our client was unprepared to defend their position versus their generic competition.

The Challenges

Our initial task was to assess the full nature of the problem facing our client, both in terms of external threats from competitors - and internal obstacles existing within their own sales organization.

We were then to build an effective solution that would address the unique issues identified in our client's Latin American, Asian & European markets.

The Solution

Our experts worked closely with our client’s global team to implement unique solutions that were specifically tailored to their three individual regions. These solutions included:

  • Patient & customer research
  • Size of the prize and business case
  • Customer segmentation and value propositions
  • Commercial & value-added programs.
  • Key Account Management
  • Field force deployment
  • Metrics and measurement plan


The Results

Our efforts helped our client to implement changes that has enable them to reverse their loss of exclusivity in three of their most important regions in the world. Our analytic insights and customer management expertise delivered significant benefits in each of their regions experiencing problems as follows:

Europe - our client was able to establish a successful retail effort and slow market share erosion at the pharmacy level.

Latin America - Our solution helped to improve the region's underperforming LoE organization - while establishing their Key Account Management function, turning around a three-year decline in profits.

Asia - Our new organization immediately slowed brand erosion in the area - while creating a new post-LoE model for the region.

Next Steps...

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