The Situation

A rising player in a mature food category, our client's innovative brand and opportunistic sales approach enabled them to quickly grow to more than $1 billion in sales.

Unfortunately, this rapid expansion was straining their organization’s ability to continue at this rate of growth.  This threatened to slow their momentum and prevent them from capitalizing on the enormous opportunities they saw before them.

The Challenges

In short, our client was trying to "cross the CPG chasm” from a smaller to a larger CPG company.  Our firm was tasked with the following:

+ To redesign their organization so that it could operate with the flexibility and speed required in today's fast-changing Omni-channel retail world.

+To ensure their revamped organization would be capable of expanding to the next level -  without turning into a large and slow moving "big company."

The Solution

Working closely with our client project team, we created a nimble customer organization that incorporated the latest best practices while maintaining the core elements the fueled their first stage of company growth.

The new organization featured a dynamic structure, a high reliance on out-sourced/third-party resources and "close to the customer" decision making guided by high-level, strategic "guardrails."

Our team ensured our client's success by providing:

  • Category growth vision
  • Comprehensive eCommerce strategy
  • Channel/customer segmentation
  • Trade investment architecture
  • A comprehensive price/pack strategy
  • A new organizational structure
  • All-new role, responsibility and job descriptions.
  • Corresponding competency, assessment and personal development plans
  • New planning, management and integration processes.
  • All-new KPIs, measurement and reward metrics.
  • Formal change management and implementation oversight.

And more.


The Results

Our client's reconfigured organization created the foundation necessary for future growth, while retaining the lean, nimble and responsive characteristics that their customers prized.

Next Steps...

Our global network of customer growth experts have delivered remarkable results for some of the largest and most successful businesses and consultancies in the world. And now their talents are available to help you.