The Situation

Our customer, a leading packaging supplier to the consumer products industry, was suffering from significant customer churn.

Although respected for their capabilities and innovation, they operated with an inward-focused manufacturing culture, where neither sales nor customer service was highly valued. This was having a great impact on their ability to retain customers.

The Challenges

Our team needed to change our client’s internal culture from a manufacturing and product mindset – to a sales and customer service focus.

In addition, we needed to redesign their organization so that it could meet the demands of global customers. Although our client operated in countries worldwide, regions and countries managed customers locally, resulting in pricing conflicts and missed opportunities.

The Solution

Our team determined that our client’s best option was to build strong relationships with its most profitable customers.  We helped them do this by developing:

+  An end-to-end customer management process that linked directly to their business processes.

+  Key account teams that would feature dedicated leaders and cross-functional teams.

+  A global customer strategy that would ensure a uniform brand, message and offer in all their locations.

+  A comprehensive change management program that would reinforce the new direction and objectives across the entire organization.

The Results

Once implemented, our team’s new plan enabled our client to realize:

+ Improved customer loyalty in the form of lower churn rates with most profitable customers.  This immediately enabled our client to realize increased margins across the board.

+ Closer external coordination with customers leads.  This quickly improved their overall forecasting – as well as their customer service metrics.

+ An increase in their employees' acceptance of new changes and innovations.  This helped make the entire organization stronger, nimbler – and far more profitable.

Next Steps...

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